First Playable development

The first bit of development is ready for your consideration . Just download the 'INVADERSgamev2.3_2017.7z' file.

press ctrl+shift+f9  to configure controls. this early level build is best played with a controller with analogue sticks. I usually use left analogue for walking and strafe , and right anaolgue for looking around and R1 for shooting. its also best to use directional arrow buttons for squad commands and the rest is up to you. 

theres no actual mission at  this early stage of development. Just give it a run and post feedback if you feel something is out of place. 

I'm building this game on the same system that I built Caged Photon with. So if you got 25 fps and above in Caged Photon , you should be able to get a decent +30 fps with Invaders . My most recent benchmark of Invaders generated +- 25 fps to 45 fps , running on my Nvidia 9500 gt

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