A downloadable zeroXgen for Windows

zeroXgen is a fantasy underwater sports game , requiring accuracy, nimble controls and an inclination towards fantasy sports.

zeroXgen is inspired by Blitzball, which is a mini-game featured in the popular RPG Final Fantasy 10. The main difference in zeroXgen to its inspiration is the 360 degree freedom of movement and the reliance on realtime action gameplay, to convey a feeling of freedom and flexibility.

zeroXgen is currently in a prototype phase and will be put through the development process once enough feedback is gathered. In the meantime enjoy the prototype build of the game at the provided download ( free download). 

Drop me a message and tell me what you think.

Currently being developed by Cherrie Soul Creations.

Download demo

zeroXgenProto4v1point6_2019.zip 84 MB
Untitled2_20191227204602.7z 29 MB

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